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About Us


Happy Guest House in Siem Reap, Cambodia has been owned by the same Cambodian-Khmer family since 1995. In the beginning, Happy Guesthouse was just a home stay run out of a local family’s house names “PHEM PHEATH Guest House” which is the name of my father.   From starting out as 1 open air room with a mosquito net and natural air with 1 bathroom outside for all guests, Happy Guesthouse decided to build a few rooms with a shared style bathroom and shower. From year to year, the family saved our money to build new rooms. When we were finally satisfied, we had 10 rooms total.

 In 2001, our family built toilets inside some of the rooms. From 2002-2006, we rented our house to a local family and then to a French man and the Cambodia family change our house name to ‘HAPPY GUESTHOUSE” from that time. In 2006, we began to run the house by ourselves once more.  The family ran the house with help from the Tuk-Tuk drivers whom stayed with us by offering the tour information services and also working as our security guard at during the night. They eventually and still are currently part of the Happy Guesthouse staff team. All members in the original owning family are also involved in the business as well. 

In 2007, the family started construction on a new house at the back of the original wooden building at the front of our property and finished building at the beginning of 2008.  In the same year, the daughter of the owner graduated from high school, and became the manager until present day. We grew our staff from 2 to now around 14, including chefs and many wonderful men and women who help Happy Guesthouse run smoothly every day and night, ensuring you have a very pleasant stay with us @ Happy Guesthouse.